Due to the high volume of work I've had, I haven't been able to update this portfolio in a very long time (5+ years). I'll be replacing this site soon, but in the meantime please email me at shane@shanecavaliere.com for up-to-date information about me and my work. Thank you!

  • Missoula Housing Authority

    MHA's site is clean, easy to use, and includes a powerful yet intuitive Content Management System, allowing their staff to keep it updated easily.


  • Aerie Backcountry Medcicine

    This site was developed alongside a large and robust database that manages Aerie's students, courses, and other information. The project also included creating a custom, user-friendly database management system.


  • Ellie Hill for HD 94

    Ellie Hill needed a sleek, effective, and easy-to-use website for her campaign. This site was designed to reflect the campaign brand and materials we had already created, and is easily managed by Ellie.


  • WestRidge Creative

    WestRidge Creative is the fantastic agency I've had the pleasure of working with over the past couple years. I created this site in Flash, as a simple portfolio of their fine work.


  • Need-Press Analysis

    This site allows users to create accounts, purchase and take various evaluation tests, and view their results. A custom database and back-end programming were a large part of this project.

    (No link yet - will launch soon)

  • Missoula Housing Authority
  • Aerie Backcountry Medicine
  • Ellie Hill for HD 94
  • WestRidge Creative
  • Need-Press Analysis
  • Contact Information

    If you're interested in working together on a project, send me an email, and let's get started!


    I live in Missoula, Montana (and have my entire life), but I also have experience working remotely. So if you're not from around these parts, feel free to get in touch anyway!

  • Web Project Process


    The first thing we'll do is compile any and all information pertaining to your project. This phase is very important—it provides us with the foundation to begin planning the project.

    Information Architecture

    Information architecture is the blueprints to your website. We'll work together to develop a sitemap (which defines the pages and sections in a website) and wireframes (a "skeletal" breakdown of every element on each page), based on information gathered in the Discovery phase. These documents will keep the entire project on track, and ensure that all of your goals are met. Although you won't see any actual designs until the next phase, the creativity really starts here.

    Visual Design

    Using the sitemap and wireframes as a guide, we'll create the visual design for the website. I'll provide you with template comps—static images that will allow you to preview the design—for your approval, and we'll work together to refine the design.


    When the design is approved, we can move forward into development. The site's code, which is vital to its quality, is crafted here. Speed, efficiency, performance, accessibility, and functionality are direct results of well-written code, and I take pride in writing the best code possible.


    When development is complete, we're ready to begin the final testing phase. I test the site throughout the entire development process, but it's always a good idea to give it a final, thorough test before launching. I'll iron out any issues or bugs we find, and provide you with a rock-solid, polished website.


    We're ready to show your site to the world. I'll make the site available to the public, and we can commence any announcements and marketing campaigns we have planned to get the word out. But more importantly, we'll share a couple victory beers.

  • Services and Skills

    I have experience with a wide array of web projects, ranging from simple one-page layouts, to large, dynamic web applications. I have a lot of experience with both ExpressionEngine and WordPress (which are Content Management Systems—they allow clients to easily manage their site's content themselves), as well as creating custom Content Management Systems. I have designed and created large relational databases, importing data from multiple sources.


    I started doing web design full-time professionally about five years ago. I've also done a fair amount of print design work, but my passion is for interactive design and development. My goals with designing any interactive interface are useability, accessibility, efficiency, and aesthetic.


    I write standards-compliant code. In case you're not familiar with the web standards movement, some of the benefits of standards-compliant websites are increased usability, accessibility, cross-browser compatibility, and search engine optimization.

    Some of the languages I use regularly are:

    (X)HTML and CSS
    JavaScript (I prefer the jQuery framework)
    PHP (I prefer the CodeIgniter framework)
    ActionScript 3.0 (Flash)


    I've had the pleasure of working with some wonderful people over the last few years. Below are some of the people and organizations I've worked with in the past, in no particular order:

    Aerie Backcountry Medicine
    Rocky Mountain Development Group
    Missoula Community Foundation
    The Kettlehouse Brewery
    The Babs Project
    American Eagle Instruments
    WestRidge Creative
    Tamarack Grief Resource Center
    Hunting and Gathering for the Home
    Ron Erickson, Montana State Senator
    Karen Townsend, Missoula County Chief Deputy Attorney
    Cliff Larsen, Montana State Senator

    *Some of these projects were through working with WestRidge Creative.